Monday, 13 October 2008


After a sleepy beach bound summer and another major move Anatomy of Failure is back screening at festivals. The London premiere was celebrated with friends and family in Soho at The Rex Cinema + Bar
The screening was scheduled by Raindance Festival to screen on October, 11th at a commercial cinema in the West End. 
It was surprizing to find the 150 seater theatre 3/4 full on a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon. I had expected an audience of 7! Ok... it was a home gig but only 20 of the seats were filled by friends and family. I promise.
The accompanying film directed by JD Wilkes titled "Seven Signs" was well matched with AOF. Set in the deep south of the US the film looks into the dysfunction of religious belief and features an incredible sound track. Unlike the cliched portrayal of country folks as right-wing religious fanatics the film highlights refreshing southern voices, some fiercely anti-religious and far from right wing.  check out